Symmetric Matrix

You‘re given a square matrix M. Elements of this matrix are Mij : {0 < i < n,0 < j < n}. In this problem you’ll have to find out whether the given matrix is symmetric or not. Definition: Symmetric matrix is such a matrix that all elements of it are non-negative and symmetric with relation to the center of this matrix. Any other matrix is considered to be non-symmetric. For example: 513 M=2 0 2issymmetric 315  513 M=2 0 2isnotsymmetric,because3̸=0 015 All you have to do is to find whether the matrix is symmetric or not. Elements of a matrix given intheinputare−232 ≤Mij ≤232 and0<n≤100. Input First line of input contains number of test cases T ≤ 300. Then T test cases follow each described in the following way. The first line of each test case contains n – the dimension of square matrix. Then n lines follow each of then containing row i. Row contains exactly n elements separated by a space character. j-th number in row i is the element Mij of matrix you have to process. Output For each test case output one line ‘Test #t: S’. Where t is the test number starting from 1. Line S is equal to ‘Symmetric’ if matrix is symmetric and ‘Non-symmetric’ in any other case. Sample Input 2 N=3 513 202 315 N=3 513 202 015 Sample Output Test #1: Symmetric. Test #2: Non-symmetric. 