Consider rectangular coordinate system and point L(X, Y ) which is randomly chosen among all points in the area A which is defined in the following manner: A = {(x, y)|x ∈ [−a; a]; y ∈ [−b; b]}. What is the probability P that the area of a rectangle that is defined by points (0,0) and (X, Y ) will be greater than S? Input The number of tests N ≤ 200 is given on the first line of input. Then N lines with one test case on eachlinefollow. Thetestconsistsof3realnumbersa>0,b>0irS≥0. Output For each test case you should output one number P and percentage ‘%’ symbol following that number on a single line. P must be rounded to 6 digits after decimal point. Sample Input 3 10 5 20 111 220 Sample Output 23.348371% 0.000000% 100.000000%