Dilbert has just finished college and decided to go out with friends. Dilbert has some strange habits and thus he decided to celebrate this important moment of his life drinking a lot. He will start drinking beverages with low alcohol content, like beer, and then will move to a beverage that contains more alcohol, like wine, until there are no more available beverages. Once Dilbert starts to drink wine he will not drink beer again, so the alcohol content of the beverages never decreases with the time. You should help Dilbert by indicating an order in which he can drink the beverages in the way he wishes. Input Each test case starts with 1 ≤ N ≤ 100, the number of available beverages. Then will follow N lines, informing the name of each beverage, a name has less than 51 characters and has no white spaces. Then there is another line with an integer 0 ≤ M ≤ 200 and M lines in the form B1 B2 will follow, indicating that beverage B2 has more alcohol that beverage B1, so Dilbert should drink beverage B1 before he starts drinking beverage B2. Be sure that this relation is transitive, so if there is also a relation B2 B3 you should drink B1 before you can drink B3. There is a blank line after each test case. In the case there is no relation between two beverages Dilbert should start drinking the one that appears first in the input. The input is terminated by end of file (EOF). Output For each test case you must print the message: ‘Case #C: Dilbert should drink beverages in this order: B1 B2 ... BN.’, where C is the number of the test case, starting from 1, and B1 B2 ...BN is a list of the beverages such that the alcohol content of beverage Bi+1 is not less than the alcohol content of beverage Bi−1. After each test case you must print a blank line. Sample Input 3 vodka wine beer 2 wine vodka beer wine 5 wine beer rum apple-juice cachaca 6 beer cachaca apple-juice beer apple-juice rum

2/2 beer rum beer wine wine cachaca 10 cachaca rum apple-juice tequila whiskey wine vodka beer martini gin 11 beer whiskey apple-juice gin rum cachaca vodka tequila apple-juice martini rum gin wine whiskey apple-juice beer beer rum wine vodka beer tequila Sample Output Case #1: Dilbert should drink beverages in this order: beer wine vodka. Case #2: Dilbert should drink beverages in this order: apple-juice beer wine rum cachaca. Case #3: Dilbert should drink beverages in this order: apple-juice wine vodka beer rum cachaca tequila whiskey martini gin.