The primary problem

Larry now lost most of his knowledge after spend- ing a few years on deserted islands all over the place. When Ryan brought up the fact that every even num- ber greater than 3 can represented as the sum of two prime numbers, he couldn’t believe it! So now Larry is trying to come up with some kind of counterexam- ple, and you can help him! Input Each line will contain an integer N greater than 3. The input will terminate when N is 0. N will not be bigger than 1 million. Output For each test case, output one way of summing two prime numbers. If there are more than one set of sums for which this is true, choose the set of sum the maximizes the difference between them. See the sample output. If a number cannot be represented as the sum of two prime number, print “NO WAY!” as below. Note: 10 can be 3+7 or 5+5, and since 7-3 is bigger than 5-5, we choose 3+7. Sample Input 4 5 6 7 9 10 11 0 Sample Output 4: 2+2 5: 2+3 6: 3+3 7: 2+5 9: 2+7 10: 3+7

2/2 11: NO WAY!