Mother Bear

Unforunately for our lazy “heroes”, the nuts were planted by an evil bear known as.. Dave, and they’ve fallen right into his trap. Dave is not just any bear, he’s a talking bear, but he can only understand sen- tences that are palindromes. While Larry was dazed and confused, Ryan figured this out, but need a way to make sure his sentences are palindromic. So he pulled out his trustly iPod, which thankfully have this program you wrote just for this purpose... or did you? Input You’ll be given many sentences. You have to deter- mine if they are palindromes or not, ignoring case and punctuations. Every sentence will only contain the letters A-Z, a-z, ‘.’, ‘,’, ‘!’, ‘?’. The end of input will be a line containing the word ‘DONE’, which should not be processed. Output On each input, output ‘You won't be eaten!’ if it is a palindrome, and ‘Uh oh..’ if it is not a palindrome. Sample Input Madam, Im adam! Roma tibi subito motibus ibit amor. Me so hungry! Si nummi immunis DONE Sample Output You won't be eaten! You won't be eaten! Uh oh.. You won't be eaten!