The decadary watch

In the first years following the French Revolution, intellectuals were set to outroot the society from the traditions and superstitions the dark ages of the royalty. Some of these contributions have had a worldwide success, such as the metric system. Others have falled into (almost) complete oblivion, such as the decimal clock system, invented by the mathematician Gilbert Romme. The decimal clock system divides the day in 10 decimal hours, themselves divided in 100 decimal minutes, themselves divided into 100 decimal seconds. You are commissioned by the international watch maker “Splatch” to include yet another useless feature in their next line of product: decimal time display. Your first task will be to implement a program that converts a traditional time into a decimal time at the precision of one-hundredth of second. Input The input consists of a sequence of lines, each containing exactly one traditional time, in the format HHMMSSCC,where0≤HH≤23,0≤MM≤59,0≤SS≤59and0≤CC≤99. Theinputis terminated with an end-of-file. Output For each given traditional time, the output will echo a line with the corresponding decimal time, rounded by truncation, in the format HMMSSCC, where 0 ≤ H ≤ 9, 0 ≤ MM ≤ 99, 0 ≤ SS ≤ 99 and 0 ≤ CC ≤ 99. Sample Input 00000000 23595999 12000000 14273467 02475901 Sample Output 0000000 9999998 5000000 6024846 1166552