Rare Easy Problem

N is a random number, which for some reason, is at least two digits. John Doe, a nondescript man, performs an operation on N: he chops off the last digit to form a new number M, and then finds N − M . This excites him in a hard-to-justify way. He then tells you N − M . Thrilled by the fascinating back-story behind this number, you make it your life goal to figure out what N was. By the way, John was later eaten by a tiger. Input Input consists of multiple lines, one line per case. Each line contains a single positive integer between 10 and 1018 inclusive, giving the value of N − M . Input is terminated by a line containing ‘0’. Output For each case, print one line containing the possible values of N in sorted order. Separate consecutive numbers with a single space. Sample Input 18 0 Sample Output 19 20