Height to Area

It’s an easy geometry problem. For any triangle ABC we know that the height from A to the line BC (or it’s extension) is Ha, from B to the line AC (or it’s extension) is Hb and from C to the line AB (or it’s extension) is Hc. Now you are given these three values and you have to figure out the area of the △ABC Input At first the input will be an integer n. Which denotes the number of invalid inputs after which the input will terminate. Then there will be three real numbers Ha, Hb and Hc per line. Output For each input block there should be one output line. For valid inputs the line contains the area of the △ABC up to 3 decimal places after the decimal point and for invalid inputs there will be a line ‘These are invalid inputs!’. After n invalid input sets the program will terminate. Sample Input 1 31.573 22.352 63.448 46.300 50.868 86.683 22.005 24.725 22.914 5.710 25.635 32.805 Sample Output 1517.456

2/2 2219.941 311.804 These are invalid inputs!