Meta Editor

You got a job as a programmer in the ACM (A Cool Meta-editor) company, which has has been serving as a producer of one of the coolest text editor of the world. In the update process of the text editor program of that company you are assigned a job to make a program unit which will grammatically correct a line of text. Your job is very simple, take a line of text as input and produce a line of output without the words repeated. Input Contains several lines of text. Each line contains several English words having no more then 50 char- acters each. A word may be defined as a portion of a string separated by one or more spaces or tabs. There will be no blank line in the input. A line may contain at most 20,000 characters. Input is terminated by EOF. Output Produce a line of text for each line of input, after removing any repeated pattern. The words must be separated by only one space. Sample Input test string test string test string repeat repeat Sample Output test string repeat