Expression Bracketing

In this problem you will have to find in how many ways n letters can be bracketed so that the bracketing is non-binary bracketing. For example 4 letters have 11 possible bracketing: xxxx, (xx)xx, x(xx)x, xx(xx), (xxx)x, x(xxx), ((xx)x)x, (x(xx))x, (xx)(xx), x((xx)x), x(x(xx)) Of these the first six bracketing are not binary. Given the number of letters you will have to find the total number of non-binary bracketing. Input The input file contains several lines of input. Each line contains a single integer n (0 < n ≤ 26). Input is terminated by end of file. Output For each line of input produce one line of output which denotes the number of non binary bracketing with n letters. Sample Input 3 4 5 10 Sample Output 1 6 31 98187