Ant on a Chessboard

One day, an ant called Alice came to an M*M chessboard. She wanted to go around all the grids. So she began to walk along the chessboard according to this way: (you can assume that her speed is one grid per second) At the first second, Alice was standing at (1,1). Firstly she went up for a grid, then a grid to the right, a grid downward. After that, she went a grid to the right, then two grids upward, and then two grids to the left¡in a word, the path was like a snake. For example, her first 25 seconds went like this: ( the numbers in the grids stands for the time when she went into the grids) 25 24 23 22 21 5 10 11 12 13 20 4 9 8 7 14 19 3 2 3 6 15 18 2 1 4 5 16 17 1 12345 At the 8-th second , she was at (2,3), and at 20-th second, she was at (5,4). Your task is to decide where she was at a given time (you can assume that M is large enough). Input Input file will contain several lines, and each line contains a number N (1 ≤ N ≤ 2 ∗ 109), which stands for the time. The file will be ended with a line that contains a number ‘0’. Output For each input situation you should print a line with two numbers (x,y), the column and the row number, there must be only a space between them. Sample Input 8 20 25 0 Sample Output 23 54 15